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News Report

Quick note about registration


Please review the league by-laws in full.

Below is the section about registration from the bylaws concerning registration, please note full legal name is required when registering.  I've seen a few coming through without a full name and they are getting approved but we will have to fix that prior to starting play, otherwise that player will be ineligible.  If anyone has any questions, please contact the board.

b. Teams must ensure all new players have registered prior to playing their first league game of that
season, to include paying league fees. Players must register with legal first name, last name and pool
nickname if using one. This information will be posted to each team page. First and Last name must
match name on a current photo ID for that player. If opposing team challenges a player being on the
roster, a Photo ID must be presented to challenging team for verification. If a Photo ID for verification
cannot be presented when requested, that player is ineligible for play that match and it becomes a loss.
Player remains ineligible to play any further matches that night until they are able to present a Photo ID.
If a player is found to be ‘cheating’ and using a paid member name as their own. See Section 4 ‘Rosters’
paragraph C. The same procedures for registration apply; the player’s league fee, in an envelope with
team/player name written on the outside, placed in the SSPL Drop Box at the Boogie House.

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