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News Report

2022 End of Season Tournament


It's in the history books

First, thanks to everyone for this past season.  There were a few hiccups but overall, it went well.  Second, thanks to everyone who participated in the end of season.  We had a good turnout and the board appreciates the bars who opened up for the tournament and helped make it successful.

Now, on to who won.  Below are the top five finishers from the tournament, congratulations to them.

1. Kaiser 500,000 won

2. Victor 400,000 won

3. Jay Mark 300,000 won

4. Bang 200,000 won

5. Erwin 100,000 won

I hope everyone is looking forward to next season.  Registration is open now and is now set to close on Wednesday the 28th of December.  Please register as soon as you can and drop payment at Boogie House once you've registered your team(s).  Keep an eye our for more announcements on the home page and on Facebook.

Thank you.

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