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Songtan-Si Pool League By-Laws

Dated 30 November2017 - All previous editions shall not be used.

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The purpose of the Songtan-Si Pool League (SSPL) is to administer a dedicated 8‐ball pool league that provides a service for both the Osan Air Base/US Armed Forces community as well as Korean Nationals within the Songtan City Community. The SSPL Constitution outlines SSPL league structure as well as general provisions to ensure the league conducts itself in proper manner. The By-Laws focus on league conduct as they relate to league play and are a supplement to the SSPL Constitution. They are a general guideline for league play, to include provisions regarding registration requirements, team fees/structure, match scheduling, and team/Captain/player responsibilities. By no means do the By-Laws address each and every situation that may arise. Team captains are encouraged to attempt to resolve differences/ambiguities on the spot. If that doesn’t work utilize the SSPL Board to resolve situations that are not directly/clearly addressed in the By-­Laws.


a. Membership – Anyone within the Osan Air Base and local US Armed Forces community as well as Korean Nationals within the Songtan City community is welcome to join the SSPL. Members are required to adhere to conduct provisions outlined in the Constitution and will be held accountable for their actions, in accordance with the Constitution, during the course of league play. Members are therefore advised to read and understand these provisions before playing in the SSPL and encouraged to direct any questions or comments to the SSPL Board, herein to be referred to as “the Board.”

b. Membership Fees - League fees are to be paid in full when a team registers at the beginning of each season. This includes the individual player fee ($15) and the overall bar/club fee ($35). A minimum of four (4) player fees must be included when a team registers; temporary place holders for names MAY be used during the initial team registration process.

The remaining players are required to pay prior to playing their first match. Fees and registrations sheets will be dropped off at the Boogie House in the SSPL Drop Box (in an envelope; available at the Boogie House). After registering through the website, teams shall write the name of the team on the envelope and include the requisite registration fees.

c. Temp Players – Individuals can play as a temporary player for a fee of $5, each instance. After three matches with the same team, the player will have paid the $15 regular league membership fee and the roster will be updated to reflect their status as a regular league member.  Temp players are not eligible for the weekly drawings or playoffs until full membership is obtained.  

d. Currency - League fees may be paid in US dollars or Korean won. The Board will identify the dollar-won conversion rate and post it on the web site.


a. Two teams per pool table are the maximum number of teams allowed to register in the league. If an establishment has multiple pool tables then the number of allowable teams is increased, based on the number of tables. 

b. Teams must ensure all new players have registered prior to playing their first league game of that season, to include paying league fees. Players must register with legal first name, last name and pool nickname if using one. This information will be posted to each team page. First and Last name must match name on a current photo ID for that player. If opposing team challenges a player being on the roster, a Photo ID must be presented to challenging team for verification. If a Photo ID for verification cannot be presented when requested, that player is ineligible for play that match and it becomes a loss. Player remains ineligible to play any further matches that night until they are able to present a Photo ID. If a player is found to be ‘cheating’ and using a paid member name as their own. See Section 4 ‘Rosters’ paragraph C. The same procedures for registration apply; the player’s league fee, in an envelope with team/player name written on the outside, placed in the SSPL Drop Box at the Boogie House.

c. Starting with week (1) play, when a team which used a temporary place holder during initial registration uses a player in a match under that place holder. The Captain must write the new player’s first name, last name, pool nickname and which place holder they are using on the scoresheet for that week. That player then becomes a member for the remainder of the season and that place holder is removed. Prior to week (3), ALL temporary place holders from initial registration must be changed following rules set forth in Section 3 ‘Registration’ paragraph b. Any temporary place holders remaining after week (2) will be voided/unavailable and any new players must register as a new player to include player fees.

Example below:

  1. BAR TBD - pays league fees and registers (5) Players. They do not have player information at time of registration. BAR TBD lists player’s names as following on the registration envelope: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange. This is shown on the website under ‘Teams’ – ‘BAR TBD’ prior to season start.

  2. Season Begins - During the first (2) weeks of play. BAR TBD determines who (4) of their players are and have not had a 5th player yet. Scoresheets have been submitted changing original registration names to the following: John Doe – Red, Jane Doe – Blue, Ji Sung Pak – Black, Gordon Ramsey – Green. Team Page was updated and only has Orange without a full name.

  3. Week (3) – BAR TBD now has a 5th player – Sun Ji Kim. Sun Ji must pay FULL individual player fee ($15) to play as it is week (3) and administrative period is over. Sun Ji can still use Orange as a pool nickname. Captain of BAR TBD writes Sun Ji Kim – Orange on scoresheet as NEW PLAYER and Pays $15 using envelope as per by-laws.

  4. BAR TBD – team page now shows following:
        1. John Doe – Red
        2. Jane Doe - Blue
        3. Ji Sung Pak - Black
        4. Gordon Ramsey - Green
        5. Sun Ji Kim - Orange
Pool Nicknames can be used when filling out weekly scoresheets. However, they must have a full legal name associated with them on the team page. Any Pool Nicknames used without a registered full name on team page will be considered a loss with penalty applied as per Section 4 ‘Rosters’ paragraph C.


a. A player may change teams only twice during one season. The first change is free of charge; however, if a player changes a second time, the player must pay a $10 fee BEFORE they can play again. This fee shall be paid in the same manner as adding a new player to the team roster (see above). During the first match with a new team, team Captains are required to annotate the new player’s name and transfer details on the score sheet.

b. The first two (2) weeks of the season are considered “administrative weeks” and are intended to accommodate roster changes for paid players who initially signed up to play, but have yet to show up for a match.  Teams may change out these players, free of charge.  Players can also transfer teams during these two weeks, and the league fee will transfer with the player (see examples below).  After the first two weeks, all rosters are considered final.
  1. Jones is on the roster as a paid player. Jones decides he cannot play and will be replaced with Parks. Parks takes Jones paid slot and does not have to pay.

  2. Smith is on the roster as a paid player and he changes teams. There is no cost involved as this is his first change and the fee moves with the player. The bar can no longer change Smith’s name to someone else because his fee went with him. Any player replacing Smith will have to pay league fees.

c. If a team recognizes an opposing player is not on that team’s roster, they should bring this to the attention of the opposing Team Captain to ensure the new player pays league dues. If said individual continues to play, the Captain who recognized the situation shall file a complaint with the Board, who will investigate. Each instance of a player playing a match before paying the league fee will incur a 1 point penalty for each game played in the match. If the player is marked as winning the game on the score sheet, the opposing team will receive the win instead.

d. League members may transfer to another team through Week 10. (Temp players are not league members.) After play is complete on Week 10, players may not transfer. Each team is still authorized to add new players through the end of the regular season provided that player is not already a member of the league. In order to be eligible to play in the playoffs, a player must have played at least one game during the regular season for the team they are registered with at the time the regular season is complete and have paid the full $15 membership fee.


a. All teams are required to identify one Captain and one Co-­Captain. If both players are unavailable during a league match, another team member shall be identified as the designated Captain for that match. Team Captains and Co-Captains are responsible for the overall conduct of play, acting as referee(s) during match play. They are also responsible for the conduct of their team and will collectively do their utmost to resolve any disputes that may arise during the course of play. Captains/Co-Captains will also be responsible to:

b. Captain/Co-­Captains must ensure their contact information is accurate for the purpose of rescheduling matches. If it is discovered that incorrect information exists, the team will be penalized two (2) points per week.


a. Overall Conduct ­‐ All SSPL members are expected to treat everyone involved with the SSPL with tolerance and respect. Each SSPL member is responsible for his/her actions and should encourage others to abide by the conduct guidelines outlined in the SSPL Constitution.

b. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. All such incidents will be reviewed by the SSPL Board to determine any findings and levy punishment, if required. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct might include (but are not limited to) a team member disrupting a match by heckling an opponent or offering unwarranted advice to a player (outside of a “time out”).

(1)  In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct, the individual will be given a warning. If the behavior continues, a foul will be called against the team, resulting in a “ball in hand” situation for the opponent. If the same behavior continues, the individual will be directed to leave the establishment by his/her Captain/Co­‐Captain for the remainder of the match.

(2) Any individual so removed from a match will be suspended from play for three consecutive matches (to include being a spectator at these three matches). The team will also have three (3) points deducted from their overall team score. If the same player misbehaves in a similar manner following the initial suspension, and is subsequently thrown out of another match, that individual will be banned from the SSPL for the remainder of the season (to include the playoffs and remaining tournament(s)). The team will also have an additional five (5) points deducted from their overall score.

c. Any league member physically assaulting another league member, spectator, or bar/club employee during league play will be ejected from play, instructed to leave the bar/club immediately, and potentially be banned from the league, pending a review by the Board. If they are ultimately banned from the league, their return to SSPL play will be handled on a case­‐by­‐case basis by the Board.

d. Each incident will be reviewed by the Board at the earliest possible time/date following the incident to determine the cause for the incident and levy disciplinary action, if required. The individual(s) directly involved in the incident will be required to participate in the Board review or face indefinite suspension. All parties having witnessed the incident may be called upon to provide amplifying information to help ensure the Board has all necessary information available to render a decision. All decisions by the Board in these instances are final.

e. Players should also respect reasonable requests from bar/club owners regarding overall conduct as well as use of bar/club­‐owned equipment (i.e., pool table, pool cues, bridge sticks, etc.). Bar/club owners reserve the right to refuse service to anyone misbehaving in their establishment, to include directing them to leave their establishment; this extends to SSPL members as well. Captains are therefore encouraged to mediate any such situations before they escalate.

f. In the event a player is ejected from play and directed to leave the establishment, play will continue from that point forward with one less player. If this occurs while a player is playing, that game is forfeited. If the ejection leaves a team with only four players, play will continue in accordance with provisions regarding Rules of Play. If the resulting ejection leaves a team with only three players, the entire match is forfeited.

g. If a player is found to have played for two teams the same numbered week, the player could be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season. All wins the player might have accrued playing for the second team (the team he/she is not registered with) will be re-calculated as losses for the player/team and, in turn, wins for the opposing team. The Board will review these instances to determine team or bar/club prior awareness and resulting penalties, if necessary. This also applies to rescheduled matches.


a. SSPL matches will be played on Thursday nights beginning at 1930 in accordance with the schedule developed by the Board prior to the start of each season. While there are provisions for rescheduling matches due to extraordinary situations, teams are expected to play their matches on Thursday nights.

b. Games will start at 1930 each Thursday night at the scheduled location, unless previously agreed upon between the two Captains. The home team will make the pool table available to the visiting team starting at 1915 to allow warm up time. A team is authorized up to an additional thirty (30) minutes to field a team (minimum four (4) players); however, play will begin no later than 2000. If a team does not have the requisite number of players, it will forfeit the match. The opposing team may agree to schedule a make-­up game, but are not required to do so.

c. Team Composition

(1) Teams must have four (4) players to start a match. The fifth player must be present before the start of the fifth game in the first set to play or that game is considered forfeited. If the fifth player does not show up by the second set (start of the fifth game), the same forfeit rule applies.

(2) If a team only has four players, the players may play anywhere in the set.  The empty (forfeit) slot, subsequently, can be placed in any position within the set. Once a score sheet is filled in for each set, no changes may be made.

(3) If both teams have only four (4) players, the same rules as above apply; players may play in any slot within the set, with the empty (forfeit) slot chosen in any position.

d. Players may only play in one game per set. Sets One and Two consist of five singles matches each. Set Three consists of two doubles matches and Set Four consists of one singles match.

e. Matches must be completed no-later-than twenty (20) minutes prior to USFK curfew. Any remaining games that were unable to be completed due to this curfew provision will be re-scheduled by the two Captains at the earliest possible date.


a. During the course of a match, the home team is responsible for supplying and maintaining the score sheet. The winning team, however, will be responsible for turning in the score sheet after the match. Score sheets are expected to be delivered, on the night of play, to the SSPL Drop Box (located at the Boogie House) but not later than 2359 on Tuesday night to allow for SSPL Web Site updates to be completed.During the final week of play, however, score sheets must be delivered no later than 2359 on the same night of play. Additionally, if teams are found to be withholding score sheets then the SSPL Board will assess a one-point penalty per day until the score sheet is submitted.

b. Score sheets must be legible, signed, and dated by each Captain or Co-Captain. Points won/lost must be clearly marked and totaled at the top of the score sheet. Team/bar/club names must also be legibly written. If a bar/club has more than one team, be sure to specify which team played (i.e., “Bar 1” or “Bar 2”).

c. In preparation to start the match, the Home Team Captain will fold the score sheet in half lengthwise and write in his/her players names one set at a time.  He/she will then fold the score sheet over so the Opposing Team Captain cannot see the players’ names. The Opposing Team Captain will then write his/her players on the opposite side of the score sheet.  These steps are necessary to prevent prior knowledge of who is playing, and where in the set each player is playing.  After the first set, the two Team Captains will once again set their line-­ups in the same fashion, and again after the second set, for doubles and the final singles match.  It is up to the two Captains to determine if they will write in the final singles match player names when filling out the doubles line-­up or wait until after the doubles matches are played.  When both captains have completed their line-up, the score sheet will not be changed unless both captains mutually agree to a change.

d. If a player pockets 8 balls consecutively, then his/her name shall be annotated at the bottom of the score sheet. If there were no such “runs” during the match, an “X” shall be annotated in the appropriate area on the score sheet. Those with 8-­‐ball runs will be eligible for a special prize at the End-­of-­Season tournament.

d. If a player pockets 8 balls consecutively, then his/her name shall be annotated at the bottom of the score sheet. If there were no such “runs” during the match, an “X” shall be annotated in the appropriate area on the score sheet. Those with 8-ball runs will be eligible for a special prize at the End-­of-­Season tournament.

e. If a player pockets the 8-­ball on the break, then annotate his/her name on the bottom of the score sheet. If there were no “8-­ball on the break” shots, annotate an “X” in the appropriate area on the score sheet. Those who accomplish an “8-­ball on the break” will be eligible for a special prize at the End-­of-Season tournament.

f. If a player breaks and consecutively pockets all object balls as well as the 8-ball, then annotate his/her name on the bottom of the score sheet. If there were no such occurrences, annotate an “X” in the Break & Run area on the score sheet. Those who accomplish a “Break & Run” will be eligible for a special prize at the End-of-Season tournament.

g. If a false/fabricated/fake score sheet is submitted and signed by both teams, the penalty will result in a 0-0 score. The board takes this situation seriously, and investigates all suspect score sheets.


a. Matches will not normally be rescheduled solely for the purpose of convenience (i.e., competing functions, only three players show up for a league match, etc.). However, it is in the best interest for SSPL members and host bar/clubs to ensure matches are played. In the event a match needs to be rescheduled, team Captains are encouraged to coordinate potential rescheduling efforts as far enough in advance as possible.  The Board reserves the right to force a rescheduled game in special circumstances. 

b. It is both teams’ responsibility to schedule makeup games.  When teams have agreed to a rescheduled match, Captains are highly encouraged to make contact with the Board & Admin via email: with match details such as teams involved, specific match to be rescheduled (i.e., Week #2 match), and if known at that time the date/time/place of rescheduled match.  This will allow the board to resolve any issues that might arise during the process of teams attempting to reschedule matches

c. All games not played on the scheduled date must be played prior to the last day of the season. Matches not played will be counted as a forfeit for each team and each team will receive zero (0) points for that match.

d. Re-scheduled games must be played at the originally scheduled bar/club and the time/date must be agreed upon by each captain and the bar/club owner/manager. In addition, rescheduled matches will not interfere with Songtan Dart League play, which is normally conducted on Wednesday nights.

e. In the event a team must request a reschedule, the opposing captain shall be given a 24-­hour advance notice in order for the opposing captain to coordinate with his/her team. Please note the opposing team is not required to agree to a reschedule request; matches are expected to be played on Thursday nights. If a reschedule request is made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, it is up to the opposing Captain to either agree to the reschedule request or accept a forfeit.

f. f. When rescheduling a match, Captains should use every means available to contact an opposing team Captain and/or Co-­Captain, to include phone, text message, email, or a visit to the opposing team’s bar/club or location of league play. If opposing Captain/Co­‐ Captain information is incorrect, notify the board.


a. If the other team does not show or send a representative within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled match start time, the opposing team shall be awarded a forfeit.  This applies to rescheduled matches, as well.

b. In the event of a forfeit, the team receiving the forfeit will be awarded their average number of wins of the nearest seven matches, rounded up (.5 and up).

c. The team receiving a forfeit, for whatever reason, is responsible for turning in a score sheet with “Forfeit” marked on the opposing team’s side of the score sheet.

d. If a score sheet is turned in and it is found that less than four (4) players were paid SSPL members, then that team will forfeit that match. The opposing team’s score will be adjusted in the same manner as outlined above regarding a forfeit.

e. If a team forfeits four (4) times during the course of a season, to include the final week, they will be disqualified from the league. The bar/club owner will be required to pay a $100 fine prior to the start of the next league or that bar/club will not be allowed to enter a team in the next season.

f. If a team drops out of the league for whatever reason, the bar/club owner has two (2) weeks to organize a replacement team, which will assume the same schedule and match results as the team that dropped out. These new players will be required to pay league dues if they have not already done so. The replacement team will, to the best of their ability, reschedule those matches that require rescheduling. However, opposed teams that have already received a forfeit are not required to reschedule.

g. If a team forfeits out of the league and the bar/club is unable to field a replacement team, all points accrued by their opponents to that point will stand. All future matches will result in the opposing team win average, based on the nearest seven weeks of play.


a. Playoffs will consist of the top 32 teams based on division winners and highest point totals. Since the actual number of divisions is dependent on the number of teams registered for that season, the number of division winners will vary.

b. All division winners will automatically qualify for the playoffs and be seeded in order of their point totals (i.e., the division winner with the highest point total will be seeded first, etc.). Wild card teams will be picked from the highest scoring teams and seeded based on the number of points accrued during the season, beginning after the lowest seeded division winner.

c. If there is a tie for a division winner or any playoff position, the Board will set conditions for breaking ties.  The current league process is for each team tied for a seeding to designate one player, who will play each other in a “Best 2 out of 3” match; whoever wins selects their choice of the respective available seeding.  Conditions for these mini-playoffs will be established by the Board, but are normally conducted immediately following the Captains meeting on the day prior to the start of the playoffs.

d. The Board is responsible for setting conditions for the playoffs, to include the schedule of play. Playoffs will normally begin on the Sunday following the last day of the regular season and finish the following Friday night. More detailed playoff information will be posted to the web site.

e. To ensure fair play and allow playoff teams to concentrate on the task at hand, a Board member will serve as an arbitrator between referees for all semi-final and final matches.


a. Board Meetings – SSPL Board meetings will occur once every month on the fourth Tuesday of each month. This provides the board 8 days to work issues before each captains meeting. Specific Board meeting dates and locations will be maintained on the web site. The overall purpose of Board meetings is to address SSPL business as well as allow the general membership an opportunity to address the Board regarding issues of concern. The Board reserves the right to dictate overall structure and conduct during these meetings.

b. Captains Meetings – During the course of a season, Captains meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 1830. (Note: The first Captains meeting at the start of a new season will begin at 1800) The location will be determined by the Board and posted on the web site. This schedule is subject to change due to military exercises, holidays, or any event that may unduly affect this schedule. Any changes will be determined by the Board at the earliest possible date.

(1) Each team is required to have one person attend the monthly captains meeting.   The Team Captain or Co-­Captain or a designated representative is the only person authorized to vote for their team on league ‐related issues at Captains meetings.  Each team is limited to one vote per team for each issue requiring a vote.

(2) One person may not represent more than one team at Captains meetings.

(3) If a team is not represented at a Captain’s meeting, they will have one (1) point deducted from their total score. If a team misses two (2) meetings during the course of a season, an additional two (2) points will be deducted. The third missed meeting, if so scheduled, will incur another deduction of four (4) points.


a. Pool Table Size – Every pool table will measure at least 7’. Any table smaller than this will not be authorized for league play.

b. Pool Table Quality – Bar/clubs are expected to maintain a quality pool playing environment, most importantly, regarding the quality of the actual pool table. If league members have complaints about the quality of any bar/club pool table, they should annotate these comments on the score sheet. If a bar/club receives three separate complaints regarding the quality of their pool table, the Board will inspect the pool table in question. If the complaints are found to be warranted, the Board will advise the bar/club owner of the need to fix the problem (most often times, replacement of the felt) before the start of the next season or they will not be authorized to field a team during the next season.

c. Pool Balls – A standard set of pool balls must be provided.  Novelty pool balls are unacceptable.


a. The SSPL web site shall be the primary means of communicating league information to the general membership and serves as the league’s “ambassador” in the virtual world. As such, maintenance of the web site is of the utmost importance and requires a skilled web administrator to maintain it in accordance with the highest standards for accuracy, timeliness, and ingenuity. It is also the primary vehicle by which the Board will convey information to the general membership on SSPL matters.

b. SSPL Web Site Administrator - Per the SSPL Constitution, the only paid position in the SSPL is the Web Site Administrator. This individual will be responsible for maintaining the SSPL web site, which is the primary means of disseminating SSPL information, to include general league information, match results, league schedules and standings, contact information for Board members and Team Captains, etc. This individual is also responsible for maintaining all match results, division standings, and individual play as well as the accompanying statistics. Due to the vast amount of information this position is required to maintain on behalf of the league, this individual will be required to augment the Board to ensure overall league conduct is properly represented on the web site and thereby accurately conveyed to league members. The amount of compensation provided to this individual will be based on the number of SSPL members for that season and will consist of five dollars ($5) per individual, payable in accordance with guidelines developed by the Board.This $5 fee will be broken down for payment to the admin for temporary players, into a $2, $2, $1 format (in respect to the number of times a temporary player has played).

c. Web Site Administrator roles and responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

(1) Maintain the SSPL website

(2) Coordinate the start of each season with the Board

(3) Ensure registration sheets are created and provided at each participating bar/club prior to the start of the season

(4) Coordinate with the Treasurer to collect team registrations and funds following the sign-up cut-off date

(5) In conjunction with the Board, identify the total number of teams/players and develop a proposed league structure (#/divisions, #/teams per division, league start date, etc.)

(6) In coordination with the Secretary, develop team hand-outs for each team/bar that contain the season’s schedule, Captains contact information, SSPL By-Laws, and score sheets. These packages will be handed out to each team at the first Captains meeting at the start of each season.

(7) Collect league score sheets from the Boogie House after 2359L every Tuesday

(8) Update the web site weekly with the most recent scores and any other information so directed by the Board


Changes to the By-­Laws will only made at the board’s discretion throughout the season. However, any changes will not be applicable until they have been communicated to SSPL Captains at a monthly Captain’s Meeting.