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If you have your division locked up get your team pictures taken one of these last 2 weeks of play. Send them to the SSPL Admin at

Week 13 Penalty Report

The following teams picked up penalties this past week for No Pay players and Late Score Sheet turn in. To see the cause of the penalty go to the division scores and view the Weekly Team vs Team report.

Avalon B Bacchus Beer Bunker 2  
Subic Bay White Studio 54 A    


Next season we are doing team registration different from the past. There will not be any registration sheets handed out to the bars, instead there will be registration envelopes, 1 per team handed out. Team registration will happen online, see the registration link at the bottom of the left menu on the main page. You will complete the registration there and submit the funds for the team into the envelope provided by the league to the bar, 1 per team, and complete the blanks on the envelope.

A Hangul version of the online instructions is in the works to make it as easy as possible for everyone to complete it.

The instructions should be rather clear and the process should go smoothly provided you follow the instructions. Sorry for the Captcha block at the bottom that must be completed to proceed ( I hate those as well and note that if you cannot read the first code given there is a recycle button to get another code, keep clicking it until you get one that is easy to read), it is needed to keep bots from trolling through and completing bogus registrations.

DO NOT submit any teams at this time, wait until the season is over, but feel free to look at the form and ask any questions you may have about the process. If any teams do get submitted prior to the end of this season they will get deleted so please wait.

If you are not going to be a captain and/or are not playing for whatever reason please make sure you pass along this info to someone at your bar and show them where to go.

We Are Looking For Players - SSPL vs ARPL

We are having a Songtan-si Pool League vs Anjeong-ri Pool League match for fun and bragging rights and we need players for 3 teams.

We do not have a date set just yet but it will be in April, in Songtan, in Aragon Alley. If you are interested in playing please contact SSPL VP Mike Armstrong at 010-8672-0546.

Rules & By-Laws

The latest version of the Rules and By-Laws are posted here on the website, see the links over in the right side menu.

Any printed copies of the Rules and By-Laws you have at your bar are not current and should be disgarded. We will not be printing and distributing copies of the Rules and By-Laws however there is a link at the top of each where you can print out copies if you so desire to do so.

Upcoming Dates

To see upcoming events and important dates for the SSPL, simply refer to the calendar below. Hover over an event to see more information such as times and locations. Use the right side scroll bar to navigate the current month and use the right and left arrows to navigate to another month. Make sure you keep View in the Options Panel set to Month.


In the event of a league issue that requires Board involvement during match play OR a rules interpretation, SSPL members should contact one of the following Board members. If the issue involves both English and Korean speaking members, recommend contacting one of the US Board members as well as Korean Board Member Mr. Eom.



Rules Ombudsman

The SSPL Rules Ombudsman is the final authority on the rules. Should a question arise he is available to answer any questions.

Contact Us

League Administration

Scott Henderson    010-6818-5109


If your team needs to reschedule a match you must contact the opposing team and you must also notify the SSPL Board and Admin via e-mail.


The subject line of the e-mail should be formatted as follows:

WEEK # (Date) RESCHEDULE (team name) VS (team name)