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Week 3 Team Penalty Report

Below are this weeks teams picking up a penalty. To see the exact reason select SCORES in the left menu and the division. In the lower Weekly Team vs Team chart will be the reason in the remarks.

Thuys Place Best WK1 Dragon B WK2 Tiger 1 WK 2
Jaguar Black WK2 Baam 2 JR Pub 1
Blue Monkey A Level 2 WK2 VIP
Xanadu 3 Level 1 Tiger 1
Jaguar Black The Loft Black WK2 Level 2

Rules & By Laws

By Laws have been updated as of 11 Jan 2016, the latest version is available online at the link in the right menu. The latest version of the rules is dated 3 Mar 2015 and is also available at the link in the right menu.

Any printed versions that are older than the dates above shall not be used.

한국 리그 멤버들에게 알립니다 / Attention Korean Players

한글로 된 SSPL 경기 규칙, SSPL 규정, 그리고 한글 & 영문으로 된 SSPL 회칙은 SSPL 웹페이지 오른쪽 메뉴(링크)를 통해 열람 할 수 있습니다.

만약 영문과 한글로 된 문서 중 틀리거나 다른 부분이 있다면 영문으로 된 문서가 주가 됩니다. 상이한 점 발견시 다음 주소로 이메일을 보내주십시오:

Hangul versions of the SSPL Rules of Play, the SSPL By-Laws, and a combined English & Hangul SSPL Constitution document are available online at the links in the right menu.

In case of a difference between the English and Hangul documents, the English documents shall govern. Please send discrepancies to the SSPL Board email address:

Upcoming Dates

To see upcoming events and important dates for the SSPL, simply refer to the calendar below. Hover over an event to see more information such as times and locations. Use the right side scroll bar to navigate the current month and use the right and left arrows to navigate to another month. Make sure you keep View in the Options Panel set to Month.


Feel free to reach out to anyone of the listed SSPL Board members below for any issue regarding the league. To send an e-mail to the Board see Contact Us below.



Rules Ombudsman

The SSPL Rules Ombudsman is the final authority on the rules. Should a question arise he is available to answer any questions.

Contact Us

League Administration

Scott Henderson    010-6818-5109


If your team needs to reschedule a match you must contact the opposing team captains by email and you should also notify the SSPL Board and Admin by e-mail to the make-up email below.

The subject line of the e-mail should be formatted as follows:

WEEK # (Date) RESCHEDULE (team name) VS (team name)

SSPL 2016 Season 2 Fee Schedule